Woods used for laser engraving

July 13, 2022

A few words about the most common woods used for laser engraving

For photographs, I use basswood live edge slabs, maple plywood and Baltic birch plywood.  Basswood slabs are relatively clear, resulting in fewer “grain effects” in the engraved photo.  Birch plywood is light in color with little grain throughout.  Maple plywood has a richer color and some wood grain resulting in a more natural appearance.  Side framed pieces are made with ½” plywood while back framed pieces are made with ¼” plywood.  Basswood slabs are typically ¾” thick with bark on 2 sides.  They can be positioned portrait or landscape depending on the photo.  All are coated with a thin coat of polyurethane.

Coasters are engraved on either bamboo or natural slate.  They are not treated with any sealant and are food safe.  Cutting boards are bamboo and can be treated with food grade oil.

The above materials are the most durable and cost effective for your project.  “Exotic” woods are available and priced at the time of a request.

Custom requests are always welcome!